In case you run into any issues with our integrations, you can find some troubleshooting here.


Access denied when integrating Confluence

When connecting Confluence this error message appears: Access denied
This app requires access to a Confluence & Confluence & User identity site which you don’t have or don’t have the permission to access.

It seems there is more than one Atlassian ID in your Atlassian account and Langdock did not know which one to take took the wrong one to take.
Try to log out of Atlassian/Confluence here and log into your account again. You should be able to connect Langdock now.


I am not able to connect my Sharepoint

Depending on your organization’s setting, you might need the technical permission to integrate Langdock from an admin. Please ask your admin to allow connecting Langdock.
You can forward this link to them:

Something missing?

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