December 2023: New chat modes 🤖

We’re happy to release several new chat modes and helpful shortcuts:

Chat modes 💻

We now support the following four modes:

  • Plain

    • The system will pass the prompt straight to the LLM without enriching it by searching through any documents, knowledge bases or searching the web.
  • Web

    • Based on the prompt, the system may decide to perform a web search and add the results to the prompt for context enriching and working with real-time data.
  • Custom

    • The user can customize the context for the chat e.g. by uploading or selecting documents or selecting files from SharePoint.
  • Auto (Beta)

    • The system automatically goes through all knowledge that the user connected to Langdock at one point (Confluence, Sharepoint, websites, documents etc.) and may perform a web search if necessary. If we identify any relevant context in the sources, we add it to the prompt to enrich the context and improve response quality.

Shortcut to prompt library ✍️

By pressing “/” as the first character in the prompt input field you can now access our library of helpful prompts as well as your own prompt library.

November 2023: New Look, New Integrations, More Power! 🚀

This November, we’re excited to share significant updates that will enhance your Langdock experience:

​Updated Design 🎨

We’ve refreshed the look of Langdock. With a more modern and user-friendly design, navigating and utilizing Langdock is now even more intuitive and pleasing.

​Sharepoint / One Drive Integration 🔗

In our mission to facilitate better collaboration, we’ve integrated Sharepoint and One Drive into Langdock. You can now access and share your files directly from these platforms within the chat.

​Support for Anthropic Model Hosted in the EU 🌐

To broaden your choices for AI models, we’ve added support for the Anthropic model hosted in the EU. This model is known for its impressive language generation capabilities and is a welcome addition to our roster.

October 2023: Connecting More Dots! 🚀

We’re thrilled to announce the release of more integrations and model support in October:

​Slack Integration 🔗

To make communication more fluid, we’ve integrated Slack into Langdock. Now you can share and discuss Slack messages directly in the chat, making it easier to keep everyone on the same page.

​Google Search Integration 🔎

We’re excited to introduce the Google Search integration feature. You can now conduct Google Searches directly from the chat, making information retrieval more efficient.

​Support for Mistral LLM 🌐

In our ongoing effort to offer the best chat assistant experience, we’ve added support for the Mistral LLM. This powerful language model is now available for use in your Langdock chat.

September 2023: A Leap Forward in Collaboration! 🚀

We’re delighted to announce the release of several exciting features this month which will take your Langdock experience to new heights:

​New File Picker 🗂️

In our continuous pursuit of improving user experience, we’ve introduced a new file picker. This feature allows you to easily search for and select files from your local system or cloud storage.

​Confluence Integration 🔗

To enhance your team’s productivity, we’ve integrated Confluence into Langdock. Now, you can access, share, and discuss Confluence pages directly within the chat.

​Notion Integration 🔗

We’re also pleased to announce our integration with Notion. You can now bring your Notion workspace into Langdock, facilitating seamless collaboration and information sharing.

​Webpage Integration 🌐

Boost your team’s productivity with our new webpage integration feature. This allows you to share, discuss, and ask questions about any webpage, directly from within your Langdock chat.

August 2023

Langdock Product Update: New Features Release! 🚀

We’re excited to announce the release of several new features that make Langdock even more powerful and user-friendly. Our team has been working tirelessly to improve your experience and we’re thrilled to share these updates with you:

Support for More Models 🌐

In our quest to offer the best chat assistant experience, we’ve now expanded our support to include three more models. You can now utilize:

Anthropic Claude: Claude is renowned for its ability to generate human-like text and is a great addition to our roster. Meta Llama 2 Chat: With Meta’s new language model, we bring the first open-source LLM to Langdock (hosted in the EU). Aleph Alpha Luminous: Aleph Alpha is a powerful language model that has been released by the German research company Aleph Alpha.

File Uploads Support 📁

We understand that efficient collaboration often involves sharing files and documents. With our new file uploads feature, you can now upload files directly into the chat and ask questions related to them. This adds a new layer of convenience and productivity to your team collaboration.

Share Conversations 🔗

Ever wished you could share a productive discussion with a teammate who wasn’t part of it? Now you can! With our new conversation sharing feature, you can share entire conversation threads with others, ensuring everyone stays in the loop.

Prompt Library 📚

To assist you in generating more meaningful and effective conversations, we’ve introduced a prompt library. Here, you’ll find a collection of pre-formatted prompts that you can use to initiate discussions, ask questions, or guide the conversation in a specific direction.

We hope you’re as excited about these new features as we are! As always, we continue to work on making Langdock the best it can be, and we appreciate your support and feedback.

To get started with these new features, log in to your Langdock account now. If you have any questions or need assistance, our support team is always ready to help.

July 2023

📣 Introducing Langdock: Your Interactive Chat Assistant for Teams of Any Size! 🚀

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Langdock, the first-ever interactive chat assistant designed specifically for teams, regardless of their size. Developed in Germany with privacy as our top priority, Langdock is here to revolutionize the way you collaborate and communicate within your organization.

With Langdock, you can say goodbye to the chaos of scattered conversations, missed deadlines, and endless email threads. Our powerful chat assistant is equipped with a range of features that will streamline your team’s workflow, boost productivity, and keep everyone on the same page. Here’s what Langdock brings to the table:

1️⃣ Seamless Team Collaboration: Langdock provides a centralized platform where team members can communicate, collaborate, and share files effortlessly. Whether you’re working on a small project or managing a large-scale initiative, Langdock ensures that everyone stays connected and informed.

2️⃣ Interactive Chat Experience: Say hello to a more engaging and interactive chat experience! Langdock goes beyond traditional messaging platforms by offering rich formatting options, emoji reactions, and the ability to create polls, making conversations more dynamic and enjoyable.

3️⃣ Privacy at Its Core: We understand the importance of data privacy and compliance in today’s digital landscape. That’s why Langdock is built with robust privacy settings, ensuring that your sensitive information remains secure. Rest easy knowing that your conversations are encrypted and accessible only to authorized team members.

4️⃣ Smart Assistant Capabilities: Langdock is more than just a chat platform. It’s your intelligent assistant that can help you manage tasks, schedule meetings, set reminders, and even provide real-time insights into your team’s productivity. Let Langdock handle the administrative burden so you can focus on what really matters.

5️⃣ Customizable to Your Needs: Every team is unique, and Langdock understands that. Our platform offers a range of customization options, allowing you to tailor the interface, notifications, and integrations to match your team’s preferences and workflows.

Experience the future of team collaboration with Langdock! Sign up today and join the growing community of teams that have already discovered the power of interactive chat assistance. Together, let’s redefine how teams work and communicate.

Visit our website at to learn more and start your Langdock journey today!