If you like a prompt and want to reuse it in the future, there is a prompt library to store it.

How to add a prompt to the prompt library

You can add a prompt in two ways:

  1. If you have used a good prompt in a regular chat before, you can hover over it and save it by clicking on the +. You need to give the prompt a name and decide where to publish it in the library (more about that below).

  2. The second way to add a prompt to the library is to go to the library and add prompts in the upper right corner. Here, you can add the name, the actual prompt and where to publish it.

How to use prompts from the prompt library

An example of a prompt in our library is:

five forces

You are an expert consultant. I want to create an overview of Porter's five forces for [company]. Prepare a deep analysis for each of the five competitive forces. Please reply in bullet points for each of the competitive forces. The five forces are:

- Competition in the industry
- Potential of new entrants into the industry
- Power of suppliers
- Power of customers
- Threat of substitute products``

When I use this prompt, I replace [company] with the company I want to analyze.

To access a prompt, click on it in the prompt library or type `/` in the chat field and access it in the list to quickly access prompts. To filter the list, type in the name of the prompt.

## How to categorize prompts in groups and folders
Prompts can be saved only for yourself, to groups or the entire workspace.

Admins can publish prompts to the entire workspace.

All other users can publish their prompts to groups they are members in (more about groups [here](/groups)) and folders you have created.